March 2, 2010

Subs’ Night Out

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Sir M started our last session by pulling up my dress, taking out a paddle and whacking me harshly several times on my behind. I shrieked from the combo of pain and surprise. Usually he warms up with light spanks before such imparting hard blows but I was being punished.

My punishment

“This is your punishment for running out of the room last week without my permission.”

I had recently lost my nerve after an intense impact play session and ran out of the room to demonstrate my anger.

Sir M continued, “Now, is ‘OUCH THIS HURTS’ a safe word?” No. “Is ‘THAT’S TOO HARD’ a safe word?” No.  “Is ‘STOP, YOU MOTHERFUCKER’ a safeword?” No. “So what’s your safe word?” Yellow. OK, the point was made and I won’t fuck up like that again.

“I could have beaten the hell out of you that night but I chose not to,” Sir M said.

I understood that this punishment was symbolic -– to show that I can’t get away with such behavior — and could have been much worse. After that, I was in good standing again with Sir M and he adjusted his beatings so they didn’t go beyond my pain threshold. As a result, he was able to immediately take me to a much deeper level.

Desiring pain and pleasure

Each encounter with Sir M sends me into another realm of glorious release, but leaves me wildly desiring more of his pain and pleasure. I am addicted to his sweet torture. So I was more than a bit disappointed when he told me I’d be off duty that Saturday night. I could have gone to the dungeon party without him but, as an uncollared female, I wouldn’t have his protection from being badgered by all the single Doms. Here was my opportunity to try something different.

I’d heard of Bar Sinister, a Hollywood club that combines a goth and fetish aesthetic with industrial and 80’s dance music. Sir M gave me permission to go. And who better to accompany me on this curious quest but Sex and the 405 Editrix-in-Chief, AV Flox.

Dressed to thrill

Going to the club was a perfect opportunity to wear my latex dress. I’d worn it to a dungeon party a few weeks prior, and realized how impractical it was for such an event, since it takes a lot of effort to wiggle in and out of that dress. (Practical dungeon wear must be easy to take off, since I’m needed to strip naked and redress throughout the evenings.) For my “subs’ night out” with AV, I put on my hooker heels, lined my mouth with the most intense red lipstick and headed to her hideaway.

When I arrived we gawked at each other, both dressed in short black sleeveless dresses (hers was microscopic) and black heels with bare legs. Sweet! We were headed to the “Fang Banger’s Ball” but neither of us could conjure up a goth or vampire look. AV shunned wearing her Twilight necklace. We were going more for the “whip me, please, and then fuck me” type of look.

Bar Sinister is housed in a classic Hollywood building and has several different rooms but still feels intimate. The crowd provided some interesting people-watching, mainly youngish Goths with bad hairdos, clothes from Hot Topic and giant, chunky platform boots. Goth-zombie Go-Go dancers with wan complexions, smudgy raccoon eye makeup and shredded lingerie gyrated to synth pop in the main room. An adjacent room with a smoky fountain in the center had huddled masses of Goths smoking and dancing.

The Playroom

After a quick orientation of the first floor we headed upstairs to the Playroom. There are a few play areas and more people sitting around the perimeter chatting and hoping to watch some light BDSM scenes. I was approached by one of the guys working there, and he asked if I’d been before, wanted to play, etc. I told him that I have a Dom (Sir M) and can’t play with other Doms unless they request permission from him in advance.

“Are you collared?” he asked — the BDSM version of wearing a wedding ring.

“No,” I answered.

We watched as another Dom did a very quick session of spanking and lightly flogging a fully-clothed girl leaning up against a gothic-style cross. Coming from a hardcore dungeon scene, this seemed really tame to me. Last week I was watching young girls get bound and gagged with duct tape over the baby binkies in their mouths, tied to each other with rope and taunted with a very sharp knife by a particularly twisted sadist.

The Dom at Bar Sinister was doing an artful job of two-handed flogging, twirling them like a dancer. AV looked on hungrily — the other Dom recognized this and offered to flog her. For the sake of journalism(!) she accepted readily.

AV gets flogged

Those of you who follow my tweets may have seen my exclamation of amazement when AV ripped her dress off, flung the tiny bit of fabric to me to hold onto, and stepped up to the flogging post. One of the Doms ran over with electrical tape to cover her nipples since nudity isn’t allowed there. That made for a nice visual — AV in a tiny black thong with black crosses on her nipples.

He first spanked her with both hands, palms flexed back for more impact. I couldn’t see her face but she seemed to wilt and I imagined she was floating in space with this experience. He would alternate the spankings with intermissions of caresses, checking in with her and making sure she was responding properly. Spanking in that manner makes a nice muffled smacking sound, very different than the sharp thwack of a single-handed flat palm spanking.

He pulled out a single flogger with soft synthetic strands making up the fall. At first he softly traced the silhouette of her back with the flogger to get her acquainted with it. He started twirling it, the ends barely kissing her back and buttocks. Then he moved in so he could strike with more impact. Every eye in the room was upon them, and some of the crowd in the back yelled at people in front to sit down and not block their view.

The session wasn’t long but was evidently effective. He finished up and carefully led her down from the flogging post. She fell to her knees with legs spread in the appropriate submissive position. He grabbed a bottle of water and tipped her head back. Her lips spread open as he carefully poured water down her throat. Hydration is important after these scenes. She looked blissful, like a grateful pet that’s finally been fed its meal.

Afterward she redressed and we munched heart-shaped cookies. She tweeted and I whisked her back home. This encounter was a tease but it satisfied her cravings, at least temporarily. Overall it was a highly successful subs’ night out!

Daisy TraLaLA (@DaisyTraLaLA) is a saucy Angelino kinkster who glides with ease between the worlds of tech, art, cuisine, electronica and dungeon parties. Check back every Tuesday for posts from her journey to the most divine surrender.


Daisy TraLaLA (@daisytralala) is a saucy Angeleno kinkster who glides with ease between the worlds of tech, art, cuisine, electronica and dungeon parties.

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