May 25, 2010

Plays Well With Others

Daisy, Diary 2 Comments

Daisy Tralala Journey of a Submissive

A few weeks ago Sir M and I finished a scene at the dungeon and stayed in the main room to watch the other scenes in progress. He sat in a Gothic leather armchair while I sat on the floor to his left. My body was completely relaxed and my head rested on his thigh. I wallowed in the afterglow of his sweet torture and gazed up at him beatifically.

“Watch this scene to the left. That’s Orpheus. He’s a well-known performer but he comes here to do his own thing and try out new ideas.”

Orpheus had a female submissive tied up to a wooden frame. Her hands were tied with rope. Her arms were crossed behind her and her body was tied tightly, forcing her to bend over. One leg was hitched up with a rope attached to the frame, leaving her vagina completely exposed. She balanced on the other foot. Her eyes were wide open with a mixture of surprise and terror, her lips pursed and open.

The man who commands the room

I’d seen Orpheus before, but hadn’t seen him play. He is always a snappy dresser with a flair for the dramatic and that night he wore a neat black outfit and a Kangol cap pulled down jauntily over his shaved head. Orpheus is an African-American man of average height but has a commanding presence that makes all eyes focus on him when he enters a room. He makes sadism look breezy and effortless.

I watched him interact with his sub, alternately playing with her pussy and making her beg for more, then scaring the daylights out of her so she’d beg him to stop. He stepped in close to her and held a stubby but wickedly sharp knife to her neck. He whispered something in her ear and her eyes popped open even wider.

I got extremely turned on. He had a sensual nature I hadn’t seen in other Doms yet.

“Wow!” was all I said to Sir M, but he knew I was interested.

He had a chat with Orpheus when his scene was winding down and I only caught a few words of their conversation:

“Medium player… anything goes!”

He came back and motioned over toward the frame where the girl was still tied up.

“OK. Go play with Orpheus and I’ll watch.”

I tried to control my breathing; I began to feel anxious and scared. But I know Sir M likes to watch me play with others, and he doesn’t often get the opportunity, so by obeying him I would make him happy. I’d have to put my fears aside.

Fear is sexy

Orpheus released the girl and she was taken off to the sidelines by another of his girls and covered with a snuggy blanket for aftercare. He strolled over to me and stood within a few inches. That intimidated me and made me instinctively want to back away. But I didn’t. He looked me over like I was a rib eye steak he was buying for dinner, and spoke in a sexy, breathy voice.

“Are you scared?” he asked.


“Good. What would you like me to do?”

I answered, “it doesn’t matter what I like, it’s up to you anyway.”

He nodded and told me to take my clothes off.

That was the last thing I remembered.

I was disoriented and folded in a little naked heap on the floor in front of Sir M. I wasn’t sure what had happened, but guessed that Master R had performed some sort of breath play and caused me to pass out momentarily. I was dazed for a while but Orpheus waited patiently for me to get my bearings, and then led me to the wooden frame.

I could really hurt you

He tied me up in the same manner he’d tied the previous girl. I was still woozy and had a hard time balancing as he pulled the ropes tight. I had to lean on him for support. I giggled nervously.

“I got you, don’t worry.”

He lifted me up effortlessly, like I was a little sack of flour, then plunked me back down. He circled around me closely, looking at me out of the corners of his eyes. Then his hands were at my throat. He whispered, “I could really hurt you, you know?”

I didn’t have a chance to be terrified. I lost track of time and continuity, dazed and slightly confused. I must have passed out again but had nowhere to fall since I was securely tied up. I felt like I’d just downed a double shot of tequila with a double espresso.

He was speaking to me in his sexy whisper, up close, but I have no recollection of what he said. He ran his hands up and down my torso, suddenly pulling on my nipple piercings so I yelped. He spanked my ass and thighs for a short while. They were already red and sensitive from Sir M.

Plays well with others

He reached down to feel the moisture between my legs.

“So you like playing with me? You’re a nasty girl, aren’t you?”

I grinned but couldn’t get any words out. I was excited and petrified. And I was loving it.

I glanced over and saw his neat collection of Gothic-styled knives laid out next to his floggers. Moments later he was making deep scratches down my legs and side ribs with the short chubby knife. He admonished me not to move but I knew the drill from playing dangerously with Sir M. One wrong move from me could send the knife plunging into my soft flesh. I froze and screamed and came close to an orgasm. But I’m not allowed to do that without Sir M’s permission.

I saw Sir M watching us intently from the armchair, looking very turned on. That made me feel happy and safe.

Next Orpheus pulled out a big fire wand. Sir M has a similar toy and loves to taunt me by dipping it in alcohol and setting it on fire, then dabbling my skin with the flames. Orpheus similarly set it afire, but the way he used it to stroke my skin was quite different than Sir M’s style. He kept it slightly above the skin as he swept it along my abdomen, my breasts, but blew the flame just over the skin to create heat. It was sexy, and the fear it instilled pushed my arousal exponentially. My eyes popped wide, endorphins pumped through my body and I had to remind myself to breathe.


“OK you’re done.”

He walked right up to me so my tied up leg hooked around him.

“Hook the other leg around me.”

I did, and again he lifted me effortlessly. I was still dazed but extremely excited.

He released me from the ropes, set me down and whispered, “put your arms around me and hug me.”

I did, and have no idea for how long. I needed the nurturing but I felt slightly ashamed at the same time because I was light-headed and had to lean on him to stand. I took rapid deep breaths as if I’d just run a mile.

He led me back to Sir M and I crumbled into a little heap at his feet. The whole experience felt like a hit and run — it took place in suspended time and a suspended reality, and was over before I knew what hit me. It was exhilarating.

“That was very hot!” Sir M said. “How’d you like that?”

All I could reply was: “Wow!”

We both thoroughly enjoyed it. Good to know I can play well with others.


Daisy TraLaLA (@daisytralala) is a saucy Angeleno kinkster who glides with ease between the worlds of tech, art, cuisine, electronica and dungeon parties.

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