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Sex Toys Are the New Tupperware

February 8, 2011 Advertising, Culture No Comments

What's a wegasm?

Despite the well-known adage that sex sells, anyone with something really sexy to sell knows how difficult marketing can get. Durex, however, seems to have found a medium for creating buzz with its house parties — events held at people’s homes for which the company supplies items for people to check out and take home to try. Think Tupperware parties… but a million times better. … Continue Reading

Team Edward: Explained

February 7, 2011 Culture, Film, News, Research No Comments

Team Edward: Explained

When confronted with reminders of their mortality, people have been shown to play up their cultural views, belittle opposing views, and reinforce their self-esteem. In studying these effects, the question of how thoughts of death affected the libido came up.

An initial study in Israel involving 40 men and 36 women found that thinking about death led the men to say that they’d be more likely to hookup with a stranger at a bar than the control group, which had thought about a visit to the dentist. This, curiously, was not the case for the women in the experiment. … Continue Reading

Where The Douches At?

February 7, 2011 Apps, Culture No Comments

Foursquare renegade

If you’re a woman about town, there is one app you can no longer do without. somehow managed to slip through the cracks at the Junior Anti-Sex League Mart– err, Apple Store last week and is now a hazard for the women of San Francisco — and threatening to spill south — as if we needed help with the douchery here in Los Angeles.

The app is essentially a compass that points losers in the direction of women by using female Foursquare check-ins (or dictionary crawl and permutation logic when no gender is specified). Lame. … Continue Reading

Take a Stand Against Street Harassment

February 1, 2011 Culture, web No Comments

hollaback SoCal

The internet is no stranger to educating by shaming, and the new site Hollaback SoCal is no different. In this case, the goal is to combat sexual harassment. Here, people from all over Southern California can come and share their stories, to bring some awareness of how this behavior can make its victims feel and to try to persuade legislators to make a change so residents can walk the streets safely. … Continue Reading

I Saw You Naked On The Internet

February 1, 2011 Culture, teh inetrwebz, web No Comments

Is Anyone Up?

It was only a matter of time before someone ran with the pr0n Tumblr idea and tried to monetize it. Witness this blog, which is dedicated entirely to the nudes we send off to partners and potential partners with no concern as to where they may end up. … Continue Reading

Directors Hate Sex Scenes

January 31, 2011 Culture, Film No Comments

Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis sex scene in Black Swan

The Sexy Beast is right to put Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis at the top of their list of hottest lesbian scenes in film — the scene between them in Black Swan really is something to talk about.

Not as hot as, say, Gia, but you’d have to be crazy to watch Gia for the sex given the subject matter. We won’t ruin it for you. Go Netflix it. Anyway, guess who wasn’t crazy about this scene? … Continue Reading

Whales Are the New Threesome

January 25, 2011 News, Research No Comments

Whale Threesome

Right whales, massive sea giants once hunted almost to the point of extinction in the days of the whaling industry — who would have guessed these rotund, leisurely mammals entertained such scandalous sex lives? Not only is the right whale exhibitionist, swimming to the surface of the water to mate, but apparently, they’re quite fond of group sex as well!

In Observations of a Female North Atlantic Right Whale (Eubalaena glacialis) in Simultaneous Copulation with Two Males: Supporting Evidence for Sperm Competition in Aquatic Mammals, 2005, Mate, et al., describe the instance of a threesome that unfolded before researchers. … Continue Reading

Passion Fades — and the Phenomenon Has A Lolsy Name

January 21, 2011 Books, Culture No Comments

The Coolidge Effect

We’re all familiar with the fireworks of passion decreasing as people settle in to being together, but did you know there is an actual name for this? According to Sheril Kirshenbaum, author of The Science of Kissing, it’s called “The Coolidge Effect” — and yes, that “Coolidge” refers to U.S. president, Calvin Coolidge. … Continue Reading

Productivity Killer: The Great Sperm Race Game

January 19, 2011 Culture, Television No Comments

Sex education — there is more than one way to do it and as games become more and more popular tools for educators, it was only a matter of time before we ended up with something like this. Introducing the Great Sperm Race, a game that casts you as a sperm inside a treacherous vaginal cavity.

First one to the egg wins! … Continue Reading

Will Your Marriage Fail?

January 18, 2011 Culture, web No Comments

Divorce statistics infographic

Marriage is in trouble in this country, that much we know. But how does that affect us individually? Using information from various surveys, the blog Promotional Codes has come up with a nifty infographic to help you figure out the odds of failure. … Continue Reading


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Gamers Won’t Be Seduced, Will Stare At Random Cleav Instead

That Steam allows the objectification and sexualization of female characters in a variety of its games but refuses to accept a game about actually engaging with women in a more interactive fashion is astonishingly backward.

FetLife Is Not Safe for Users

That the site doesn’t take measures to protect user content and has shown incompetence or negligence in regard to user privacy, all the while prohibiting victims from warning others about predatory behavior creates an environment where it is nearly impossible for members of the community to take care of themselves and one another. By enabling FetLife to continue espousing a code of silence, allowing the spinning self-created security issues as “attacks,” and not pointing out how disingenuous FetLife statements about safety are, we are allowing our community to become a breeding ground for exploitation.

Why You Should Vote No On Prop 35

Should people who benefit (parents, siblings, children, roommates!) from the earnings of “commercial sex acts” (any sexual conduct connected to the giving or receiving of something of value) be charged with human trafficking? Should someone who creates obscene material that is deemed “deviant” be charged as with human trafficking? Should someone who profits from obscene materials be charged with human trafficking? Should people transporting obscene materials be charged with human trafficking? Should a person who engages in sex with someone claiming to be above the age of consent or furnishing a fake ID to this effect be charged with human trafficking? What if I told you the sentences for that kind of conviction were eight, 14 or 20 years in prison, a fine not to exceed $500,000, and life as a registered sex offender?

Pretty and Calls Herself a Geek? Attention Whore!

If you are a woman, you might be given a chance to prove yourself in this community. Since there is no standard definition of what a “geek” is and it will vary from one judge to the next anyway, chances of failing are high (cake and grief counseling will be available after the conclusion of the test!). If you somehow manage to succeed, you’ll be tested again and again by anyone who encounters you until you manage to establish yourself like, say, Felicia Day. But even then, you’ll be questioned. As a woman, your whole existence within the geek community will be nothing but a series of tests — if you’re lucky. If you aren’t lucky, you’ll be harassed and threatened and those within the culture will tacitly agree that you deserve it.

Cuddle Chemical? Moral Molecule? Not So Fast

Zak’s original field, it turns out, is economics, a far cry from the hearts and teddy bears we imagine when we consider his nickname. But after performing experiments on generosity, Zak stumbled on the importance of trust in interactions, which led him, rather inevitably, to research about oxytocin. Oxytocin, you might remember, is a hormone that has been linked previously to bonding — between mothers and children primarily, but also between partners. What Zak has done is take the research a step further, arguing in his recent book, The Moral Molecule, that oxytocin plays a role in determining whether we are good or evil.

How to Avoid Pissing off a Stripper

Let’s talk about the strippers. Whether they like to be half-naked or not, whether they enjoy turning you on or not, there’s one thing they all have in common: they’re working. Whether you think that taking one’s clothes off for money is a great choice of career is really beside the point (is it a possibility for you to make $500 per hour at your job without a law degree? Just asking). These women are providing fantasy, yes, but that is their job. And as a patron of the establishment where they work, you need to treat them like you would anyone else who provides a service to you.


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