May 4, 2010

Fan Letter to Sir M

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Dear Sir M,

I’m writing you a fan letter to tell you how much i admire, respect and enjoy You, Sir. You allow me to be fearless. That has brought out dormant powers in me and inspired other powers i never knew i had, Sir! You are an amazing teacher and i have much yet to learn from You, Sir.

This is an excerpt from a letter I wrote to Sir M after a particularly fun-filled all-nighter at our favorite dungeon. He had inspired me to perform all sorts of naughty acts for his entertainment… and my pleasure.

Don’t break the furniture

It was a quiet night there and Sir M and I were among the only pairs playing in the large dungeon room so we attracted a sizeable audience. He chained me up to a slant board and played with me roughly, teased me, slapped, paddled and flogged me.

He’s been trying to train me to not scream and make so much noise during BDSM play but that’s very hard for me. To keep from screaming I’d rattle the chains and hit the cuffs of the arm restraints against the board to work the pain out of my body. With intense sensations like that, I often stomp, scream, beat my hands on something or curse.

“Don’t break the furniture!” he yelled as I banged the cuffs.

He prodded and scratched me with a sharp, insanely deadly knife, drawing long scratches down my body. This elicits fear and the anticipation of pain, more than actual pain. But it is enough of a mind-fuck to terrify me so my basic survival instincts kick in and adrenaline floods my system.

He turned me around and whipped me with a long leather strap that tapers at the end with a hard cracker that adds a sting after the initial slap.

I screamed out, “I hate you!” Of course we both knew that wasn’t true.

After the scene

After our scene I redressed and sat on the floor with my head nestled in his lap. I purred and he petted my head.

“I don’t hate you.”

“I know,” he answered.

A female switch we knew passed by and said she was going home. A switch is someone who likes to do both roles — top and bottom, or Dominant and submissive. I gave her butt a friendly spank. She arched her back.

“Better to hit my ass on this lower part here.”

She patted her ass to explain.

Then she decided to demonstrate on me — with Sir M’s permission. I stood up, pulled off my clothes again and bent over onto his lap.

“Feel the difference between when I spank you here… and there.”

She spanked me very sensually, rubbing the insides of the butt cheeks and groin area. Sometimes her finger darted inside me, manipulated the soft tissue and then brought the wetness back out to lubricate my clit.

“Mmmm, your pussy is similar to mine — hot and tight, with a big clit and lots of spongy area inside.”

Sir M spurred her on.

“Spank her harder!”

She slapped the lower part of my butt cheeks and thighs with her hands straight in front to make it sting more. I grabbed Sir M’s thighs more tightly through his leather trousers and tried to breathe deeply.

“Are you ready to cum, bitch?” he whispered to me. I nodded weakly.

She slapped my ass one last time and then set to work to make me cum. She fingered my G-spot emphatically. Sir M leaned forward to play with one of my breasts. She leaned into me and played with the nipple piercing of the other breast with her free hand.

Sir M bellowed “CUM FOR ME….NOW!”

Much to the amazement of the female switch, I started gushing ejaculate. It rolled down my leg as she continued to finger me. Sir M has trained me to cum on command and I’m getting better at it — responding to the sound of his voice and his orders. The tone of his voice when he gives this order is so urgent and persuasive it makes me focus and try my hardest.

Afterward I cleaned up and dressed and assumed my position sitting on the floor at Sir M’s left. A female sub had been hovering and finally got up the nerve to speak to him. She asked if he might be able to train her. I looked up and stole a rare glance of his face. He was grinning, eyes sparkling.

She sat on the floor to his right and we both rested our heads on his thighs. He subtly guided our heads toward each other. Moments later she and I were making out in his lap. I caressed her thick blonde locks and she played with my hair and breasts. Sir M gazed down with a benevolent smile.

He ordered us to undress. She was a Rubenesque beauty, soft and curvy with a beautiful shape and smooth pale skin.

“Position 6!”

That was my order to lie on the floor with legs bent and pulled up to my sides. It is the position for pussy inspection.

“Lick her pussy!”

She obeyed and licked me skillfully, making me quiver and groan. Sir M hovered over us to get a closer look. He spanked her ass and held her down on me. She made cute little moans as she sucked my clit.

She and I traded shy grins, both enjoying this moment. I felt that gushy feeling of being on ecstasy and loving the world.

We wrestled and snuggled on the floor, right there in the main room. Some men had pulled up chairs for a better view. I could see she was getting a little overwhelmed so I kissed her and we redressed. She went outside for a post-coital smoke.

I rested my head on Sir M’s left thigh and beamed at him, thinking how lucky I am to have such a cool and powerful Dominant. Thinking about how much naughty fun we get into together. I realized that I want to be owned by him.

Advanced training

I’ve been in training with Sir M for close to four months. He has completed the physical portion of the training, and is now on to the psychological and intellectual portion of the training. We are now at the point of considering what my intentions are, and next steps.

In this time I’ve come to understand that Sir M is an extraordinary Dom and I still have much to learn from him. He has protected me and guided me away from the pitfalls that often confront newbies to the BDSM scene. I want to make a longer commitment and graduate from trainee to being his personal submissive.

Sir M is an old school Dom and follows rather high protocols for subs and slaves. So even though I’ve communicated my interest for a more permanent association, I will have to petition to become his sub.

The petition is the plea a submissive makes, outlining why they wish to be in service to that Dom. The intended outcome — I can proudly wear Sir M’s collar – signifying that I am his possession.

There will be further education, as I need to determine what kind of arrangement will suit me best. I will be researching and writing, hopefully in a convincing manner so that he will accept. Check my diary entries each Tuesday to see where this leads!

Daisy TraLaLA (@daisytralala) is a saucy Angelino kinkster who glides with ease between the worlds of tech, artDaisy TraLaLA, cuisine, electronica and dungeon parties. Check back every Tuesday for posts from her journey to the most divine surrender.


Daisy TraLaLA (@daisytralala) is a saucy Angeleno kinkster who glides with ease between the worlds of tech, art, cuisine, electronica and dungeon parties.

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