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Sugardaddy Dating Is The New Black

January 28, 2010 Britney, Diary 1 Comment

What began as a new adventure into the world of cash and play became an interesting encounter with a new way of serious dating. When I started checking out dating sites geared towards rich men, I was expecting guys who were in it for the afternoon romps and weekend getaways, hoping to find sexy women who were happy with shopping excursions and no-strings attached relationships. I won’t lie that a lot of my contacts have been with men over 50, unattractive and desperate for a hot little number to swing around on a Friday night.


I’d spoken to several different men, who, when I asked why they’d choose a strange site to meet women, would say, “These women are looking for real men, not losers. They’re more serious about relationships, and that’s what I want.”

Interesting, I thought. They want genuine, serious dating relationships. These are guys who are heavily involved in their work or business, many of which travel on a regular basis and don’t have the capacity to be emotionally or physically available for a woman.


For women like me, who are attracted to the rich guy, these sites seem to be the harem of established, secure men. In this evolution of “equality” in work and home responsibilities, the feminist movement, many women are dissatisfied and longing for that chivalrous man, that dream prince who can take care of their every need and whim.

Seems the culture here is lacking of chivalrous men who want to take care of their woman, who can be responsible gentlemen. Where are they? When both sexes are working hard, that old-fashioned, bread-winning man looks all the more appetizing to a girl. To let a man take care of you, get a “sugar daddy.”


They just don’t have time or emotional capacity to do it the traditional way. If they are successful business owners, entrepreneurs or hard workers, you have to expect that they cannot offer something of the norm. They actually want a relationship, but on their terms.

An unconventional, hectic life needs something unconventional and flexible. They suspect they may just find that kind of girl on sugar daddy dating sites. They’re avoiding the escort types or gold diggers that tend to haunt these parts. Irony, I know…


People are honestly on these sites to find love, and with someone who would be able to retire young and have the world at their fingertips, or in their wallets. So, if you are a girl looking for a dependable guy who can spoil you senseless, you should check out these sites. And if you are a guy whose got the world to share with someone, you may just find that sweet, endearing young lady who can give you the world… in other ways.

Britney du Jour (@britneydujour) blew in to Los Angeles from Wholesome USA in the name of a Hollywood-style ever-after. Now that she sees this isn’t going to pan out, she’s decided to take charge… and start charging. Check back every Thursday for posts about her journey from hard working girl-next-door to working girl. Image in this post is by Tamara.

Britney, Sugarbaby

January 21, 2010 Britney, Diary 1 Comment

I’m not a golddigger. Actually, scratch that: I’m not greedy.

I’m smart, really. All I ever wanted in my life was stability and security. If I have those two things, everything else seems to flow elegantly along in my life.

I’m actually not about playing a game with men. I’m actually turned on by money and material wealth.

If a man demanded I bend over for a grand, I would quiver all over. The idea of a man showering me in gifts makes me want to fuck all day. I’m aroused by the power and possession a man could have over me. Rip my dress and panties off. But I insist you keep the Manolos on, the ones you just bought me. I’ll play hard to get, but all you have to do is enforce your power and open your wallet. Then I’m all yours.

Fashion is my foreplay. Cars are the lube. Money is the key to my dark heart.


Not even 30 years old, and I’ve had my taste of the nuclear family life and built a business. My father could never provide. My men could never provide. In fact, I was often the sugarmomma, to my dismay. I took care of my men, who tended to be distressed or despondent amidst their menial tasks. God forbid they lift an arm or take a risk for something important. One fluttered between jobs on whim. The other was an emotional sideshow.

I’d grown emotionally detached, even moreso than I had been during my childhood. I had no room for love, as much as I truly needed and wanted it. I worked until my hands bled, until my soul felt no warmth anymore. And it filled me with an envy for the women out in the world getting what they needed at the wink of an eye or tousle of their hair. I was beautiful and talented. Why was I working so hard to please others and make them happy, all the while I was fading away? I had all the heart in the world for adventure, and desperately needed it to thrive, for my own work and business to bloom.

I decided to make a change. I have a fetish for money and power, I’m sexual, I’m young, pretty and emotionally unavailable–I have all the components to being a successful, and delightful sugar baby.

I’m single, untethered by anyone or anything.

I’m game.

This is where I will archive my experiences in the transition.

Britney du Jour (@britneydujour) blew in to Los Angeles from Wholesome USA in the name of a Hollywood-style ever-after. Now that she sees this isn’t going to pan out, she’s decided to take charge… and start charging. Check back every Thursday for posts about her journey from hard working girl-next-door to working girl. Image in this post is by missmareck.


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